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Homebuying in Highland Hills, San Antonio, TX

Affordable homes await just minutes from downtown San Antonio


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Nestled in the crook of I-37 and I-410, Highland Hills is home to affordable houses and cost-of-living just minutes away from downtown San Antonio. This tight-knit community has newcomers and multi-generational families alike, and prospective homeowners willing to engage with local culture and traditions will likely find a comfortable home for themselves here. For those looking to also enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer, numerous bus lines and convenient access to the freeway make the area even more appealing.

Latest homes for sale in Highland Hills, TX

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    • 3 br
    • 1 ba
    • 1299 sqft
    1120 Topeka Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78210
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  • Listing main image
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  • Listing main image
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    • 2 br
    • 1 ba
    • 737 sqft
    228 Kathy Dr, San Antonio, TX 78223

Look & feel of Highland Hills

The housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

Sticker shock for current residents  

Many residents thought that their older homes in need of some serious renovations may miss out on the housing boom of the last few years, but they were mistaken. Tiny homes of just a few hundred square feet and with significant foundation and structural issues are seeing appraisals 100% higher than previous valuations. Such rapid increases indicate that even though home prices here are more affordable than in other areas of San Antonio, those prices are still inflated.  

New construction abounds 

With demand for housing at an all-time high and with many existing homes south of San Antonio aging and in disrepair, developers have acted swiftly to begin construction of new homes. While many of these projects have popped up around the Mitchell Lake area, prospective buyers will find new homes all over the area.   

Who lives in Highland Hills?




Median Age


Family Median Income

A wide variety of households 

Highland Hills is home to many different types of households. Compared to San Antonio, there are far more single parents and individuals living on their own in this neighborhood, but many married couples reside here as well. Additionally, Highland Hills is a predominately Hispanic community, with over 70 percent identifying as such.  

Blue and white collar side-by-side

Those living in Highland Hills work a wide variety of jobs. Many are young professionals working in administrative careers, while other residents work in the service industry or in construction jobs. 

Walking & biking


Bike score 44; walk score 43

Limited access to shops and restaurants 

With few bike lanes and sidewalks extending beyond individual subdivisions, residents are not able to walk or bike to many local destinations. However, in a recent bond vote, residents elected to spend millions on expanded pedestrian access throughout San Antonio via footbridges, sidewalks, and crosswalks.  

Trails are just a quick car ride away 

While walking and biking to your destination might not be the most practical move in Highland Hills, residents who are able to hop into their cars can find ample walking trails at nearby facilities like Southside Lions Park, where visitors can enjoy miles of trails amidst fresh air, trees, and water views.   

Public transportation

Services offered in Highland Hills 


EV charging: EV-SA

Bountiful bus routes 

Since Highland Hills is in such close proximity to San Antonio, the neighborhood benefits from the VIA Metropolitan Transit bus system’s expansive bus route network. Several bus lines run through the area, including frequent service lines that run every twenty minutes and metro lines that cater to those looking to go to and from the city in the mornings and afternoons. 

Plan your route around your EV

While nothing beats the convenience of at-home EV charging, those looking for charging stations on their way to work will likely find success, at least toward the city. Along the south side of I-37, drivers will find a handful of ChargePoint stations, and, of course, once you reach downtown, EV chargers are more widely available for a charge on the way in or out. 

Animals & pets 

Plenty of pooch-friendly possibilities  

New homeowners with four-legged friends will likely want to get out of the house and explore with their furry companions, and Highland Hills is happy to accommodate. Dog owners will find lots of green space for their pups to play, especially at The Greenline, a spacious park with a dedicated Paw Park for small and large dogs alike.  

3 things to know before buying a home in Highland Hills, according to locals

1. It’s a tight-knit community  

Some of Highland Hills’ more established residents remark on just how deep some of the community connections go. Generations of families have lived here, so it’s not uncommon to discover shared grand aunts and the like with neighbors. Those new to the area will find a close community that, despite those long-standing connections, is still welcoming to newcomers. 

2. New residents should be aware of the crime rate

While Highland Hills is home to many happy families and those committed to improving their community, crime is also present in this neighborhood. The majority of crimes reported are non-violent; however, assault still occurs, so residents need to be aware and be safe.   

3. Make it a home

For many long-term locals, Highland Hills is a special place, and through hard work and dedication, they have made it a home they can be proud of. Those new to the area should invest in the community and participate in local organizations and volunteer efforts to build a sense of community with their new neighbors.  

The top 4 things to do in Highland Hills 

1. Enjoy some affordable local fare 

Foodies in the area will find plenty of locally owned restaurants proudly offering menus celebrating different heritages. Burger Boy, a famous and nostalgic burger spot, recently moved into the area. Rocky’s Taco House, a staple of the Southside, is also a great place to grab a bite, or check out La Parilla Mexican Restaurant. 

2. Embrace the Texas sunshine 

If you’ve got a big event planned and want your guests to enjoy some fresh open air, consider renting out one of Southside Lions Park’s multiple pavilions. This 600-acre park also welcomes guests to walk its trails and take in the natural beauty of the area. You can even take a dip in the local pool.

3. Strike out at Ponderosa Lanes

After a hard day’s work, you might want to kick back with the family and have some good old fashioned fun. Ponderosa Lanes is a long-standing bowling alley nestled in Highland Hills. Our local expert Luisa says it’s the play to “cool off, bowl with the family, and play some games.”

4. Step into the past

Immerse yourself in some of Texas’ earliest history as you tour the San Antonio Missions. Learn about how the area’s first inhabitants contended with colonization, disease, and other perils as you tour historic structures. The tours are led by knowledgeable park rangers happy to answer any and all questions.  

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Aaron BoylesAuthor

A current English and creative writing teacher in North Carolina, Aaron Boyles writes part time and looks forward to maybe seeing these places he writes about one day in the flesh.


Luisa GarciaReviewer

Luisa Garcia is a native of San Antonio, TX and celebrates her love of her hometown as a San Antonio lifestyle blogger focusing on family, food and fun. She enjoys traveling with her family, serving as a Girl Scout leader, advocating for local non-profits and building community.