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Hill Country Village, TX homebuyer’s guide

This rising star in the San Antonio market boasts spacious homes, luxury living, and rural allure.


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Miranda Paredes


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Well into Texas hill country rests the aptly-named Hill Country Village, the shining gem of the San Antonio suburbs. It cracked the list of U.S. cities with million-dollar home values in 2021, and some estates have recently gone for as much as $6 million. While steep, these lofty price tags buy you a friendly city about 14 miles north of downtown San Antonio that still manages to relish in the rural grandeur of Texas. 

Latest homes for sale in Hill Country Village, TX

  • Listing main image


    • 4 br
    • 4.5 ba
    • 4753 sqft
    519 Stonewood Dr, San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Listing main image


    • 4 br
    • 4.5 ba
    • 4789 sqft
    13819 Bluff Ln, San Antonio, TX 78216
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image


    • 5 br
    • 3.5 ba
    • 4250 sqft
    511 Tomahawk Trl, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Listing main image


    • 5 br
    • 4 ba
    • 3328 sqft
    16415 Axis Trl, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image

Look & feel of Hill Country Village 

The Hill Country Village housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

Multi-generational contests

As millennials look to buy their first homes and boomers seek to downsize, areas like Hill Country Village are seeing unparalleled competition. Demand has driven prices up while straining the limited supply of homes in the area. Given the popularity of this charming town, prospective buyers should brace for potential bidding wars and compromises. 

Competition from afar as well 

In addition to the multiple generations vying for homes in Hill Country Village, buyers from other states have joined the fray, deepening the struggles of the current housing market. Looking to escape higher taxes, Los Angeles transplants flush with cash from homes sold in an even more costly market have targeted the San Antonio area. These house-hunters often place hefty deposits, ratcheting up the competitiveness.  

Welcome to the million-dollar club 

Despite the quaint moniker, Hill Country Village recently joined a list of America’s million-dollar towns. Though median home sale prices are around $325,000 in Bexar County, prices in Hill Country Village skyrocketed toward seven digits. The San Antonio market does not appear to be cooling at the same rate as other parts of the country. Homes here have lasting value as prospective buyers look to make a home for themselves in the ever-growing and popular town. 

Cost of living in Hill Country Village


Rent Affordability Index

Affordable living amidst million-dollar estates  

Home prices here dwarf other San Antonio areas, but day-to-day expenses in Hill Country Village are still cheaper than in many other parts of the country. Groceries at local joints like H-E-B offer more reasonable prices than what transplants from LA might be used to, and utilities are slightly cheaper as well, even in the face of Texas summers.  

Pump prices sting  

Any savings from the grocery store may disappear at the gas pump. With little in the way of public transportation, plus Texas’ famous expansiveness, locals depend on their cars. Those gas station stops add up, but even with these added costs, residents here still spend less on transportation than the national average.   

The job market


Unemployment Rate


Average Salary per Year

City-fueled variety 

Hill Country Village’s proximity to the larger city of San Antonio allows residents to take advantage of that metro’s bustling job market. Most folks who live here participate in managerial roles as well as those in business, the sciences, and the arts. They do so with at least some college education — 35% of residents hold a graduate degree in their field. 

Public transportation

Services offered in Hill Country Village 


Bus: VIA Metro Transit


EV charging: ChargePoint 

Bus or car - that’s it

Bus routes 2 and 502 sandwich Hill Country Village with two main routes into San Antonio. Route 2 to the west is a frequent-stops route, allowing more flexibility for where riders embark or disembark. Route 502 caters to park-and-ride patrons looking for an express route into San Antonio. However, even with these options, most residents choose to commute by car. 

EV charging abounds 

Fortunately for those with electric vehicles, the northern reaches of San Antonio offer plenty of charging stations provided by ChargePoint. Stations surround Hill Country Village, so regardless of the direction residents take, they are likely to find a station conveniently en route. 





Median Age


Family Median Income

Many walks of life 

This area happens to be a relatively diverse community of many different ethnicities. While most residents identify as white, 19% of the population identify as Black, and 12% identify as Hispanic. The population is a little older, too, with the median age sitting in the mid-40s, but all age groups are well-represented here. Newcomers should note that Hill Country Village is a tiny community with just 635 people, so those looking for bustling town vibes will need to head toward San Antonio.  

Crime & safety

Despite some higher crime rates in surrounding areas, Hill Country Village is a comparatively safe community, devoid of many instances of violent crime and only a handful of property-oriented crimes. Overall, new residents can feel secure knowing they live in one of the safest pockets around San Antonio.

Neighborhood guide

Although not the largest town in Texas by any stretch of the imagination, Hill Country Village and its surrounding neighborhoods offer plenty of living arrangements to suit many tastes and styles.  

Hill Country Village - right on the money  

While considered a city by definition, Hill Country Village is so small as to be a neighborhood. Its tree-lined streets and million-dollar estates are calling those with the full purses needed to afford a home here. The safety and convenience of this location along with charming, yet spacious homes make this area a top pick.   

Hidden Forest - a not-so-hidden gem of a neighborhood  

This popular and affluent neighborhood next door to Hill Country Village provides many of the same benefits including amenities such as a community pool and tennis and pickleball courts. Its homeowners’ association also hosts plenty of monthly events and activities for residents looking to get involved in their community.   

Woodlands of Camino Real - a more affordable option  

If prices in the heart of Hill Country Village are too steep, look a little to the south at Woodlands of Camino Real. This family-friendly and peaceful community of older residents might be just right for those priced out of other areas but are still looking for the tranquility and convenience of the Hill Country Village area.  

Shady Oaks - old and new unite  

On the other side of Highway 281, Shady Oaks awaits with a combination of tree-shaded classic architecture inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and more modern construction to accommodate San Antonio’s burgeoning population. Prospective buyers hoping for a touch of history and personality in their homes should look here first.

3 things to know before buying a home in Hill Country Village, according to locals

1. Hill Country Village is top-tier 

Locals love living in this part of the country, and the data backs it up. A recent survey ranked this city 10th among all American small towns under 1,000 residents. People here are better paid and well educated, and those looking to move in will find a community proud of those accomplishments.   

2. Air conditioning is a must 

Those from the more northern corners of the country may be in for a rude awakening when they come down to Texas. While the typically mild winters are a pleasant reality for locals, residents pay the price during the summer, with highs easily reaching the upper 90s for considerable portions of the year. Be ready to swap pea coats for shorts if you move south. 

3. Embrace the rural history 

Country is right in the name of this small city, and traces of its rural past are not hard to find even today. Expect plenty of wide-open spaces, tree-lined paths, and, of course, cattle interspersed with the million-dollar estates. This marriage of luxury, comfort, and quaint, rural life makes Hill Country Village a truly unique community.  

The top 4 things to do in Hill Country Village 

1. Stretch your legs and tread storied trails  

At Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park, locals can take in the fresh air and Texas sunshine as they walk along trails and grounds once frequented by indigenous peoples going back thousands of years. This spot weds historical intrigue and natural beauty, and it's just minutes from the heart of Hill Country Village.  

2. Remember The Alamo Cafe 

You’ll have no trouble finding places to eat around San Antonio, but you should start your culinary adventure with the highly-popular Alamo Cafe, a purveyor of classic Tex-Mex meals. Bring a group of friends and gorge on hand-made tortillas, giant margaritas, and sizzling fajitas, and when you’re stuffed and satisfied, hit up the cafe store for some merch! 

3. Make a toast to Texas at 502 Bar

If you’re just looking to kick back with a cold one and listen to some live music, 502 Bar is the local spot for you. With a robust beer menu sporting local and national brews on tap, drink connoisseurs are sure to find something pleasing to the palate here. If the liquid courage hits you right, you might even steal the show with some lively karaoke. 

4. Test your wits and teamwork at Extreme Escape 

Do you and your friends/family consider yourselves quick-thinking problem solvers? Put that notion to the test at Extreme Escape and challenge their many themed escape rooms. Do battle with an ancient curse, travel to a dark dimension, and survive a pirate mutiny, all within just a few minutes of home. 

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