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Hunter, TX homebuyer’s guide

A tiny corner of Texas Hill Country with lots of potential.


Alex Coleman



Miranda Paredes


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Chelsea Levinson, JD

The small community of Hunter, Texas is situated between the cities of San Marcos and New Braunfels. Currently, the actual population is only estimated at around fifty people. This little oasis sits apart from the highway traffic and buzzing commercial development of the Austin-San Antonio corridor, making it an ideal spot for those truly looking to get away from it all. 

Locals who live in Hunter celebrate the peace and quiet of this cozy community. With friendly neighbors and plenty of natural beauty and wildlife to appreciate, Hunter is admired by its residents as a safe and beautiful place to call home.

Latest homes for sale in Hunter, TX

Look & feel of Hunter, TX

The Hunter housing market

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Booming markets nearby hint at growth

Expansion of the surrounding areas of Comal County and the neighboring city of New Braunfels continues to soar in population growth. New opportunities for the city of Hunter and potential for economic and housing development in this area is evidently not far behind. The vacancy rate in the area is currently at 3.2%, so any new spaces coming available are snatched up quickly. 

Housing prices climbing, but still below national averages

While home values in the greater San Antonio area range between $274,000-$339,000, houses in the Comal County area clock in around $265,000-$318,387. A 13% increase in home sales in the Comal County area as of March 2022 indicate this is a housing market that is beginning to see exponential growth, though the supply of homes is struggling to keep up with demand.

Cost of living in Hunter, TX

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A lower-than-average cost of living

Census data for Comal County indicates that incomes in this area range from approximately $40,000 to $80,000 annually. The cost of living in this area is about 9% lower than the national average, with cost increases rising in the areas of transportation, food, and housing, which is consistent with national trends

The job market

Hunter is an area with a local economy of service industries, though most residents travel outside of the area for work. While the area is primarily rooted in an agricultural job market, the growing workforce is migrating toward non-farming related employment. 

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Many commute to larger cities

Due in part to the proximity to the greater San Antonio area, many locals of the Comal County area are commuters, according to Census data. A recent report finds that the jobless rate in the area is going down dramatically and the community is on an upward trend for economic growth. 

Public transportation

Services offered in Hunter

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You’ll need a car to get around in Hunter

As a small community, Hunter lacks public transportation options like bus or light rail services. Having a car is necessary for residents of Hunter to get around town and for their weekly commutes. Comal County does have a 25-year plan in place to improve transit in the area, though at this time it does not include the implementation of public transportation. 


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A small town with a big heart for families

According to 2020 census data, Comal County has a large Latino community as well as a large population of white persons. Historically, the area of Hunter was settled in the 1800s by German immigrants, and many locals of the area can trace their ancestry back to these settlers. A large percentage of the population are married couples with children in their households, making Hunter an ideal location for families. 

Crime & safety

Hunter’s small town status has its perks, one of which is its  exceptionally low crime rate. Crime statistics conducted by the Texas state government show a very low rate of crime for the entire Comal County area, which includes both Hunter and the city of Comal. 

3 things to know before buying a home in Hunter, according to locals

1. Expect mild winters and toasty summers

According to weather tracking data for the Hunter area, residents can expect seasons to track with traditional Texas weather. Hot, usually dry, but occasionally muggy climates are the norm in the summer, with temperatures often topping 100 degrees in the peak of the season. Alternatively, winters in Hunter are fairly mild, with lows usually in the 50s and 60s. 

2. Hunter has a fascinating local history

The tiny town of Hunter is packed with interesting history. The area was named for Andrew Jackson Hunter, a cotton farmer who settled in the land in 1867. Over the next 20 years, the population of the town boomed and the local economy grew. Two saloons, a blacksmith, and a meat market were among the town’s original amenities. With the decline of the cotton economy, these historical businesses began shutting down. Today Riley’s Tavern remains the oldest historical landmark in Hunter. 

3. An active Facebook community helps locals keep in touch

Neighbors love to stay connected, and the subcity of Hunter has a convenient and easy option through social media. Hunter’s Facebook page is active with locals in the area, as residents share photos of the goings-on around town, neighborhood events, news from local businesses, and questions for their community. 

The top 4 things to do in Hunter

1. Have a ball at the Happy Cow

The Happy Cow Bar is a staple for dining and nightlife in the Hunter area. The bar features a long list of delicious burgers plus a full bar menu. And it wouldn’t be Texas living without the famous “Happy Cow Challenge,” where customers can attempt to eat a huge burger and basket of fries in fifteen minutes for a free meal and local glory. After a tasty meal, patrons can boogie down at the 17,000 square foot live music venue that is always hopping with local and national touring bands. 

2. Check out the oldest tavern in Texas

Dubbed a “Hill Country gem” by locals, Riley’s Tavern is considered the oldest tavern in the entire state of Texas. Constructed in 1895, it was the first establishment to obtain a liquor license after prohibition was repealed in Texas. Today, Riley’s stays true to its Texan roots. Customers can enjoy a cool drink and delicious bar food while listening to down home local and touring bands that represent the spirit of Texas.  

3. Find family-friendly fun at Texas Ski Ranch

While there is no skiing happening at Texas Ski Ranch, you’ll find just about everything else to keep yourself and your family busy having fun. The many activities at this recreational facility include wakeboarding, ax throwing, paintball, summer youth programs for the kids, and a full bar to keep the grownups happy. 

4. Save big and shop until you drop 

Shopaholics will love Hunter’s close proximity to San Marcos Premium Outlets, an enormous outdoor shopping facility currently offering 145 luxury and name brand stores at outlet prices. The stores featured at the mall, including Gucci, Prada, Victoria’s Secret, and Lululemon Athletica, are the only outlet stores of these brands available in the entire state of Texas.


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