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Seguin, TX homebuyer’s guide

As one of the oldest towns in Texas, Seguin is fun, friendly, proud, and poised for growth.


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Miranda Paredes


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Unique attractions, including the world’s largest pecan and a record-setting roller coaster, combine with a rich history in the charming town of Seguin, Texas. A mere 45 minutes from San Antonio, residents can go for a quiet walk in the park, stop in downtown Seguin for a bite to eat, then head to the big city for an exciting night out on the town. 

Though Seguin is one of the oldest towns in Texas, the Seguin of today is very different from that of the past. A thriving economy with lots of residential and business growth and a lower cost of living attract new residents every day. A fantastic location, active lifestyle, and friendly atmosphere round out this once little-known city that’s making a big mark on Texas.

Latest homes for sale in Seguin, TX

  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2.5 ba
    • 1628 sqft
    308 Shangrila Ln, New Braunfels, TX 78130
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  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2 ba
    • 1423 sqft
    550 Cross St, New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • Listing main image


    • 4 br
    • 3.5 ba
    • 3524 sqft
    1462 Trailhead, New Braunfels, TX 78130
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2.5 ba
    • 1910 sqft
    4612 Klein Mdws, New Braunfels, TX 78130

Look & feel of Seguin

The Seguin housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

The market is booming

A whopping 13,500+ housing units across 20 new subdivisions are either in the works or under construction in this rapidly expanding city. The city’s tremendous growth has created a more competitive market as people flock here. In 2016, the median home price was $182,000, and it has been on an upward tick ever since. In 2021, that number increased to $252,000 and is expected to continue trending upward. 

Cost of living in Seguin, TX


Rent Affordability Index

Seguin’s cost of living is lower across the board

The overall cost of living in Seguin is 11.3% lower than the national average. Interestingly, both Seguin and San Antonio are considerably less expensive than the state of Texas as a whole with a cost of living 2% above the national average. 

The job market

As Seguin continues to grow, so does the job market. In fact, job growth has increased by nearly three times the national average in the last 10 years, creating a thriving economy and promising future.


Unemployment Rate


Average Salary per Year

A thriving market for those seeking work

Seguin boasts a skilled labor force, a business-friendly climate, and a responsive community, creating a favorable job market. Jobs in the medical, retail, and manufacturing industries are abundant due to the wealth of corporations in the area. Plentiful shopping destinations offer lots of choices in the retail industry, and the Guadalupe Regional Medical Center supplies opportunities to health care workers of all levels. Additionally, the manufacturing industry is booming in Seguin, with more than 4,000 jobs, the highest per capita in the state.

Public transportation

Services offered in Seguin


Bus: Alamo Regional Transit


EV charging: Liberty Plugins

Connect Seguin travels through town

With very limited options for public transportation in the area, Connect Seguin, provided by Alamo Regional Transit, offers residents a way to navigate town. The fixed-route service takes riders from one side of the city to the other. The shuttle stops at 15 locations, including the library, medical center, high school, and local grocery store.





Median Age


Family Median Income

The population is on the rise

Many people live in Seguin because the cost of living is lower here than other parts of Texas. The area is experiencing a tremendous population boom and experts predict the population to increase to 40,000 by 2030 and 50,000 by 2040. The city’s population sits around 30,000 today.

Crime & safety

According to the analytics team at Dwellics, crime rates are higher here than in other parts of the country. However, several initiatives to inform the public about safeguarding themselves, along with an active police department, help keep the area as safe as possible. 

Neighborhood guide

Seguin is a proud city with a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, including everything from posh waterfront communities to quiet rural neighborhoods. While some neighborhoods have a more mature demographic, many cater to a younger, family-centric crowd.

Geronimo — A nostalgic community

Named for the usually calm Geronimo Creek, the census-designated place is seeing a revival due in part to a booming tourism industry. In addition, the smaller schools in this area appeal to parents who seek more manageable class sizes and less crowded educational environments than those in larger communities. 

The Meadows — A hub for families 

The Meadows is a charming newer single-family housing development with a strong focus on family. Amenities such as a pool, pavilion, and playground are right in the neighborhood, and a walking trail provides residents a way to get out and connect. Kids’ play days, back-to-school events, and holiday parties are common in this neighborhood, creating a close-knit community. Most homes cost around $300,000 here, with various styles and amenities for families of all sizes.

Mill Creek Crossing - It’s all about location

The Mill Creek Crossing community is about an hour from downtown Austin, making it desirable for those who commute to the city for work. In addition, nearby shopping and dining options as well as popular recreational destinations are available just a short drive away. People are starting to notice this neighborhood, evident by the significant upward trend in home prices in the past year. 

Zuehl - Full of old-time charm 

Home to just 515 people, Zuehl is listed as a ghost town on none other than Interestingly, a private airport is located here, and the Zuel Tavern, a favorite among locals, looks like a prop for an old time Western film. People tend to establish roots here and stay for a long time, with 35% of the population having spent at least 55 years here. It’s no wonder neighbors know one another by name and look out for each other. 

New Berlin - A proud rural community

This small rural community takes great pride in its German heritage and works hard to preserve it. Between 2018 and 2019, the population increased 9.87%, which may sound like a lot, but this community is home to less than 1,000 residents, so an increase of this size is equal to less than 100 newcomers. The median age here is higher than in Texas overall, and not many families have kids here, making it a more mature area.

3 things to know before buying a home in Seguin, according to locals 

1. It’s a small town that feels like a small town

Seguin is a small town that doesn't try to feel big. However, there’s plenty to do, what with a variety of restaurants and shopping options. Texas Lutheran University is also located here,, and the Guadalupe Regional Medical Center helps keep residents healthy. Situated between San Antonio and Austin, Seguin is also convenient for commuters and those who seek to escape to the big city with little fuss..

2. There’s lots of positive change happening

Seguin is constantly expanding and changing for the better. New housing projects provide a wealth of homes to choose from. Retail developments offer even more options for shoppers, and improvements in the area’s roads, trail networks, and utility lines ensure the city is able to keep up with the population growth.

3. Be prepared for hot, humid summers

Guadalupe County is less than 100 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and the heat and humidity are unbelievable during the summer months. There are several popular places to swim within a 15-mile radius, which offer some relief. And with an amazing selection of frozen treats to choose from, locals know how to beat the heat in ways that are not only fun, but delicious too. 

The top 4 things to do in Seguin

1. Chow down at The Power Plant Texas Grill

From 1940 until 1995, the power plant provided electricity to the city. Now, it provides some tasty eats. The Power Plant Texas Grill serves everything from burgers and pasta to delicious slow-smoked BBQ dishes, all within the historic building. Patrons will enjoy overlooking waterfalls on the banks of the Guadalupe River. 

2. Enjoy the great outdoors at Max Starcke Park

This 227-acre park is a fantastic place to get out and get moving. An 18-hole golf course, fishing area, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a kids’ playscape, and a wave pool await in this gorgeous setting situated along the majestic Guadalupe River. Pack a picnic, grab your sunscreen, and head out for a day of wholesome family fun.

3. Ride a record-breaking roller coaster at ZDT’s Amusement Park

ZDT’s Amusement Park has something for everyone. From rides for the little ones to the legendary Switchback roller coaster, adrenaline junkies of all ages will delight in this family-run, family-operated amusement park. Other attractions include a rock wall, video game arcade, and a splash zone, along with plenty of concessions and picnic tables for those who choose to pack a lunch. 

4. Catch a glimpse of the past 

Built in 1898, the Seguin-Guadalupe County Heritage Museum used to be the town’s grocery store, with an opera house on the upper floor. Not a usual combination, but a very successful venture for all involved. These days, the building serves as a museum. Fossils, artifacts, and pottery are just a few things visitors can learn about in this outstanding collection. The museum is also right around the corner from the aforementioned giant (plaster) pecan, good for a quick photo opp.

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Melissa is a freelance writer, copy editor, and licensed veterinary technician. In addition to Opendoor, her work has been published in betterpet, Rover, PawTracks, and Blissmark. She has three beautiful daughters, three rescue dogs, and a delightful starling. In her spare time, she loves to sew, garden, and create healthy vegetarian recipes.


Miranda ParedesReviewer

Miranda Paredes has spent her career in the marketing and public relations field since her graduation from Texas State University in 2016. She is a marketing consultant for individuals and small businesses. Fitness, outdoor recreation and hanging with her pup, Lilah, are some of her favorite activities, while a good cup of coffee and a good book serve as her perfect downtime.