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Somerset, TX homebuyer’s guide

A cozy, charm-filled suburb just outside of San Antonio.


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Situated southwest of metropolitan San Antonio, the quaint city of Somerset provides a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle of busy urban life.  The city’s motto is “Welcoming new neighbors and caring for old friends.” Somerset lives up to these words with its active local government, myriad of small, family-owned businesses, and safe, friendly atmosphere. Locals celebrate the welcoming feel of Somerset, along with its quiet, clean streets and low crime rates. 

Somerset is comprised of many ranch homes and other houses in the mid-century architectural styles. Residents share a strong sense of community, and the diverse population welcomes all walks of life. Close enough to San Antonio to enjoy all the city has to offer, yet far enough away to bask in the peace of suburban living, Somerset is a welcome respite for those looking for a family-friendly community away from crowded city streets.

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Look & feel of Somerset

The Somerset housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

The housing market may finally be calming

Those new to the house hunt and buyers who have been on the prowl for a while may soon see some relief heading their way. The Texas housing market appears to be calming down, according to statistics from July of this year. With concerns rising over the national economic climate, the pool of home-buyers seems to be dwindling, leaving a little breathing room for those still in the housing market.

Be prepared to face competition 

While there has been some relief to housing prices in the area, the greater metropolitan area of San Antonio is considered a hot spot for Texans and out of state relocators looking for more affordable living. With Somerset being on the outskirts of San Antonio and offering even lower prices than in the city proper, homebuyers should plan to act quickly when a great listing catches their eye.  

Prices climbing, but demand remains high

Home values in the greater San Antonio area and Somerset’s Bexar County range between $274,000-$339,000. An 18% increase in home prices in the Bexar County area as of February 2022 indicate that the price of homes is not showing any signs of decreasing, and yet demand for homes is high. Houses in this area are typically on the market for no more than 35 days before selling, usually at list price. 

Cost of living in Somerset


Rent Affordability Index

An affordable cost of living  

Somerset ranks as exceptionally affordable in its cost of living, making it an excellent choice for home buyers looking for a superb community with a price point that’s easy on the wallet. Home prices in the area are 18.2% lower than the national average, and general expenses hover below those in many other cities. Transportation costs, utilities, and food in Somerset are all considered comparatively affordable..  

Close to San Antonio’s amenities, but with lower costs

The buzzing metropolis of San Antonio is known as being one of the most affordable cities in the United States. But, just beyond its southwestern border, the city of Somerset has San Antonio beat for housing, transportation, utility, and food costs. However, with just a short twenty minute drive into the San Antonio downtown area, residents of Somerset can benefit from all the fun and nightlife offered by San Antonio without the higher housing costs. 

The job market

Even as fears of a national recession loom, Somerset and the rest of the San Antonio metropolitan area continue to report strong numbers in job growth. Jobs continue to be added to the local economy, and the area additionally reports higher wages and better benefits than in many other parts of the United States. With the low cost of living already a major benefit to life in Somerset, a strong and high-paying job market is the cherry on top of life in this community. 


Unemployment Rate


Average Salary per Year

Opportunities available for all

There are not only a large number of jobs available in the San Antonio and Somerset markets, but also a wide variety of positions in many different industries. From healthcare to hospitality, business services, tech positions, and more, there are a diverse collection of job opportunities available in both the greater San Antonio area and Somerset proper

Public transportation

Services offered in Somerset

You’ll need a car to get around in Somerset

As a small community, Somerset lacks public transportation options like bus or light rail services. Having a car is necessary for residents of Somerset to get around town and for their weekly commutes. There is a slightly more unconventional transportation option many residents of Somerset take advantage of: the equine route. Many locals around town can be spotted getting from points A to B on horseback. 





Median Age


Family Median Income

A small, diverse, family-oriented community 

Somerset is known for its diversity. The area is home to a thriving Hispanic community, and other locals from the area can trace their roots to early European settlers. The average age in Somerset is in the mid to late thirties, and most of the population consists of families with children. Those looking to raise a family in the peace of a small, quiet community with the proximity to a larger city may find Somerset an ideal fit.  

Crime & safety

Being just south of the larger San Antonio metropolis has its perks. The city of Somerset receives a positive evaluation on its crime rates from, putting the area in the 57th percentile for crime, and ranking it a safer city on average than much of the rest of the U.S. Violent crime is also exceptionally low in this area, and the northwest part of Somerset in particular is known by locals as the safest part of the city. 

3 things to know before buying a home in Somerset, according to locals

1. The local history dates back almost two centuries

The name “Somerset'' is derived from European colonials who settled in the area in 1848. In 1913, the largest shallow oil field in the world was discovered in this area. This oil field was used to pump crude oil into San Antonio, and the community of Somerset grew around it. However, the diminishing oil returns brought upon by the Great Depression caused the area to go into decline, but Somerset has since bounced back to the small suburban community it is today. 

2. Expect mild winters and toasty summers

According to weather tracking data for the Somerset area, residents can expect seasons to track with traditional Texas weather. Hot, usually dry, but occasionally muggy, climates are the norm in the summer, with temperatures often topping 100 degrees in the peak of the season. Alternatively, winters in Somerset are fairly mild, with lows usually in the 50s and 60s. 

3. Residents take pride in “Bulldog Nation” 

As with many Texan towns, football is a way of life in Somerset. The Somerset High School football team, otherwise known as the Somerset Bulldogs, are a huge part of community life. A class 4A Division I football team, the Bulldogs keep fans updated and pumped up for the upcoming seasons on the team’s Twitter account

The top 4 things to do in Somerset

1. Savor the local cuisine 

Somerset is teeming with plenty of places to satisfy cravings of all types. The Red Velvet Cafe and Bakery offers mouth-watering desserts, a full breakfast and lunch menu, and delicious fresh-roasted coffee. For the health-conscious, Somerset Nutrition is a local hot spot serving up healthy shakes and energy teas. Craving a (pizza) pie? Look no further than Constantino’s Pizza for the top-rated slices in the area. 

2. Take in the sunshine at the city park 

Whether you’re looking to take a relaxing nature hike or splash around in the community pool, Somerset City Park is the place to go in the area for outdoor recreation. Locals laud the cleanliness of park facilities, the number of community events that the local government puts on, and the exceptional maintenance of the community pool. In the fall, Somerset High School hosts its annual Homecoming Festival, complete with carnival attractions and tasty treats.

3. Get involved in local government

Somerset’s local government is an active pillar of the community with plenty of events and opportunities for its residents to get involved in. The city’s Facebook page is always keeping folks updated with important area news, job opportunities, city updates, and promoting local businesses and events put on by the local government. From movie nights to food truck festivals, there’s always something to do and some way to connect with other members of the Somerset community. 

4. Pamper yourself and patronize small businesses

Somerset has some great options available for those who need a day at the spa. The Glam Co. Hair Salon offers hairstyling and color services along with other cosmetic necessities. And don’t forget that mani/pedi! Hil Nailed It is an independent licensed nail artist working in the city of Somerset who specializes in making your nails look beautiful. When you need a change in wardrobe to go with your new look, check out Trending with Designs by Sabrina, a local t-shirt artist who specializes in bleached graphic tees and hair bows.

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