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Timberwood Park, TX homebuyer’s guide

With country living near city limits, Timberwood Park is perfect for the quiet life.


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Miranda Paredes


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A few miles north of San Antonio, Timberwood Park offers residents a chance to flee the noise and congestion of the city and urban sprawl and get back to the rustic beauty of Texas Hill Country. Homes here sit atop spacious lots, and, despite featuring custom designs and handiwork, are more affordable than some other San Antonio areas. The nearby military training facility also means that further expansive development in the area is unlikely, and protected parks to the north and east establish additional protection for the natural beauty. 

The peace and quiet of the country life does come with a few conditions, though. Public transportation is nearly nonexistent, and options for dining and shopping are limited for now. However, with San Antonio so close, any itches for urban amenities can be easily scratched.

Latest homes for sale in Timberwood Park, TX

  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2 ba
    • 2188 sqft
    27117 Quartz Way, San Antonio, TX 78260
  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2.5 ba
    • 2870 sqft
    214 Heavens Way, San Antonio, TX 78260
  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2.5 ba
    • 2460 sqft
    25915 Tivoli Mdw, San Antonio, TX 78260
  • Listing main image
  • Listing main image


    • 3 br
    • 2 ba
    • 1500 sqft
    464 Salz Way, San Antonio, TX 78260
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  • Listing main image
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  • Listing main image

Look & feel of Timberwood Park

The housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

High demand in Hill Country  

As with most of the country, the greater San Antonio area has seen its fair share of competition among buyers looking for their next home. The waning years of the COVID-19 pandemic were marked by limited housing stock and skyrocketing prices, but as of summer 2022, the market appeared to be cooling under the scorching Texas sun. With conditions improving, buyers can now afford more flexibility and consideration in their home purchases.  

A steeper climb in Timberwood Park  

While all of San Antonio saw housing prices climb over the last few years, that hike was a bit steeper in certain areas. As of June 2022, Timberwood Park experienced a 25 percent increase in home prices since 2021, which situates the neighborhood among the middle of the pack compared to other San Antonio neighborhoods. Those looking for a home in the area may find more affordable homes elsewhere, but they are likely to find far more costly options, as well.   

Who lives in Timberwood Park?




Median Age


Family Median Income

A steadily growing community 

Timberwood Park has seen consistent growth over the years, and it continues to blossom into a vibrant and populous area. This growing population is predominantly White families with adults in their mid-thirties, but the area is also home to a sizable population who identify as Hispanic.   

A well-educated lot

The college-educated seem to flock to Timberwood Park. The vast majority of residents have attended college, and many have acquired a bachelor’s degree and beyond. Under 5% of residents were unable to obtain their high school diploma. This level of education translates to the salaries needed to afford some of the more spacious custom homes in the area. 

Walking & biking


Bike score 14; walk score 8


Cars are a must in Timberland Park. With little in the way of sidewalks or dedicated bike lanes, options are limited for how residents are able to get around. However, once you get closer to San Antonio proper, access to pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and biking trails becomes much easier. 

Public transportation

Services offered in Timberwood Park  


EV charging: ChargePoint

The downsides of country living

Residents of Timberwood Park love its backcountry roads and rustic tranquility, but those features come at the expense of conveniences more readily available in urban areas. The sole charging station for EVs is just beyond the southern tip of the area, and the San Antonio bus network does not quite make it to the neighborhoods. Residents are restricted to their own vehicles for getting around here in the countryside.  

Animals & pets 

The wild is calling 

For pet parents willing to let their dogs roam free or on a much longer leash, the rural lifestyle of Timberwood Park is just the thing. There’s little need for dog parks when the great outdoors are right at your doorstep. If anything unfortunate were to happen to your furry friend, several local animal health facilities are a quick drive away. 

3 things to know before buying a home in Timberwood Park, according to locals

1. Custom country life

Many of the homes in Timberwood Park are custom jobs—homes tailored to the specific tastes of the original owners. These stylings make for a more unique selection of houses than what one might find in a traditional suburb, and the sprawling natural backdrop makes these homes even more special.  

2. Open spaces and close friendships 

You may think that with such spacious lots, neighbors would be less inclined to get to know one another, but the opposite tends to be true. Bradley Ynostrosa comments on how he has forged close friendships here and how the distances between homes does little to stamp out new relationships and a sense of community. In Timberwood Park, you get all the space you need while still feeling like part of a tight-knit neighborhood.  

3. Appreciate the quiet 

Not all areas this close to San Antonio manage to juggle proximity with country comfort, but with Camp Bullis, a military training base, nearby, the area has avoided the level of development and congestion endemic to metro areas. If you’re lucky enough to secure a home here, take a moment to be grateful for the tranquility unique to Timberwood Park.   

The top 4 things to do in Timberwood Park 

1. Enjoy all that nature has to offer

Living in Timberwood Park comes with access to a 30-acre park, complete with a large lake teeming with fish for catch-and-release and plenty of walking and hiking opportunities. The best part is that all of this is right in the heart of Timberwood Park.  

2. Practice your short game

Timberwood Park doesn’t just appeal to the nature-loving locals; those with a flair for golf will be thrilled with the easily accessed six-hole course in the neighborhood park. If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, the award-winning Canyon Springs Golf Club is just a few miles away and sports 18 secluded holes commonly tred by local wildlife.  

3. A globe-spanning safari, Texas style

Perhaps the native wildlife isn’t cutting it for you, and you want to see something a little more exotic. Luckily enough, the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch features animals from all around the world, including giraffes, ostriches, and even lemurs. Embark on a guided safari tour through the ranch and see the world without ever leaving home.  

4. Food, fun, and live music await

Dust off the boots and take a load off at Spechts Texas, a popular haunt for locals looking for some good food and live music. Indulge in some Texas-style takes on classic American cuisine like the Ribeye Melt and The Spicy Spechts—a brisket patty smothered in jalapenos and pepperjack cheese. Wash it all down with a house margarita and listen to some local musicians play into the night.

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