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Woodlawn Lake, TX homebuyer’s guide

This humble lakeside community is a perfect fit for young families with a taste for the outdoors.


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Located in the northeastern part of San Antonio, Woodlawn Lake is a small neighborhood next to a large human-made body of water. An official historic district, Woodlawn Lake is an affordable spot that’s becoming increasingly popular for young families, with multiple community events that showcase American and Mexican culture.

Latest homes for sale in Woodlawn Lake, TX

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Look & feel 

The housing market



Median Home Price



Median Price per Sq. Ft



Average Monthly Home Sales

Most houses are function over form

Woodlawn Lake properties include several one-story homes with simplistic architecture. It’s a livable neighborhood meant for middle-class families — not an asset for an out-of-towner’s portfolio or an Airbnb tycoon. There may be more impressive neighborhoods in San Antonio, but this is a good fit for people interested in a quiet suburban life.

Get to know your neighbors

Less than 10,000 people live in Woodlawn Lake, making it one of the lesser-populated neighborhoods in the San Antonio area. It’s a great spot for families looking for peace and quiet, but it can get lonely if you don’t take the time to meet your neighbors.

Who lives in Woodlawn Lake?




Median Age


Family Median Income

Woodlawn Lake attracts residents of all ages. Demographic data for Woodlawn Lake show that over 24% of its inhabitants have children. The median resident age is 37, which is slightly older than the median age of all of San Antonio. It’s no surprise young families take to this outdoor-focused area and with its easy access to several schools such as Little Flower Catholic School and Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Great for all income brackets

Properties under $200,000 are occasionally listed in this San Antonio neighborhood — for comparison, you’d have a very difficult time finding anything in that price range in nearby Monte Vista. This makes it an appealing location for middle- and working-class individuals.

Walking & biking


Bike score 61; walk score 62

It’s a great fit for outdoorsy types

One of the best things about Woodlawn Lake is how easily you can get around with a bike or a good pair of shoes. Stores, restaurants, and an impressive lakeside park are all easily accessible on foot, but you’ll still want a car to get to locations around the rest of the city.

Public transportation

Services offered in Woodlawn Lake 


Bus: Metro Transit


Light Rail: Metro Rail


Train: Amtrak

A bus pass is a good investment

On days where it’s a little too hot to go for a walk, it’s easy and convenient to get around the neighborhood and its outskirts via eight Metro bus lines. For Woodlawn Lake children, local school districts offer great bus programs with simple eligibility requirements.

Limited access to EV charging stations

Although there are plenty of charging stations for electric vehicles in the rest of the city, the Woodlawn Lake neighborhood of San Antonio is not ideal for EV owners. Fortunately, this location is highly walkable, so you may find that you don’t need to charge your car nearly as often as you’d expect.

Animals & pets 

Both furry and scaly friends will feel right at home

Lizards, snakes, and other reptile pets will feel great in the warm San Antonio weather; warmer winters also mean you won’t need to be concerned about adequate heating for your ectothermic pets. The nearby Woodlawn Lake Park is a great spot for dog walking although you may want to get some booties for your pets when walking in the summer.

3 things to know before buying a home in Woodlawn Lake according to locals

1. It’s family friendly with an active community

Residents of Woodlawn Lake emphasize how great it is to raise a family, thanks to affordable housing and easy access to schools. There’s also a thriving local scene with live music, festivals, and popular fireworks shows every July 4th and Dia de los Muertos. 

2. There’s a strong Hispanic culture

Aside from the amazing Mexican dining options that are commonly found all over San Antonio, Woodlawn Lake offers a unique south-of-the-border flavor. With a sizable Hispanic population and festivals celebrating traditional Mexican holidays, a rich cultural atmosphere exists in Woodlawn Lake.

3. The lake has much to offer

This neighborhood’s namesake is an 80-acre lake. Although once privately owned, it’s now a historic community-run staple with many fun events including kayaking. You can also catch bass and carp bankside, but there are also unique opportunities for urban fishing if you know where to look. Just make sure you check the regulations from the Texas Fish and Wildlife Department before you take out the rod and reel.

The top 4 things to do in Woodlawn Lake

1. Take a walk in the park

Woodlawn Lake Park is the central attraction for inhabitants of this neighborhood. It’s a great spot for a stroll, but it also has a pool, tennis courts, an impressive gym, and a recently renovated community center with fiber internet. Visit at night to see the lighthouse and surrounding structures lit up for an Instagram-worthy photo op.

2. Enjoy some authentic Mexican food

San Antonio is known for its amazing Tex-Mex, and Woodlawn Lake is no exception. Golfo De Mexico is a must-try for its seafood dishes, La Poblanita is a wonderfully authentic bakery, and Mi Guadalajara is a cozy breakfast spot. Outside of the restaurants, there are plenty of corner stores and street vendors selling mangonadas and other appetizing Mexican treats.

3. Visit the Little Flower Basilica

You don’t need to be Catholic to enjoy the beautiful Little Flower Basilica. Completed in 1931, the Basilica is the 49th Minor Basilica in the U.S. and offers a glimpse into old world church architecture right in Woodlawn Lake. Whether you take a Heritage Tour or participate in a clean-up day, the Basilica offers another opportunity to build community.

4. Check out the Cave Without a Name

About 30 miles north of Woodlawn Lake is the Cave Without a Name. This beautiful natural cave system makes for a great day trip with the whole family. The lighting and climate control make it easy to appreciate the beautiful rock formations year-round, although you’ll have to reserve a tour ahead of time if you’re interested in checking it out.

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