You win.
Your client wins.

Whether you’re helping your client buy or sell a home, you get paid.
Plus, we’ll make sure their experience is easy and stress-free.

Seller agents
Buyer agents

Get a free instant offer for your seller, get a 1% referral bonus

Earn 1% on top of your seller-paid commission.

Ensure your clients get a cash offer and close on their timeline

Cancel the offer any time before closing without penalty

Get a commission
on qualified deals

Earn 1% when your client sells to Opendoor and a co-broke commission when they buy

Streamline the process
with digital tools

Save hours of time and effort with tools like our digital offer and closing platform

Get support
7 days a week

Licensed agents are available every day of the week so you get the help you need when you need it

Agents have always been the heart of the real estate business.

We’re not changing that. What we are changing - and improving - is the process. And we want to make sure that you have the resources you need to deliver a better experience for your clients, while growing your business along the way.

Access Agent Resources

Join our team

Join our brokerage and boost your bottom line

Agent Access

Include a cash offer as an option for your clients, access rewards and exclusive perks to grow your business.

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Independent Agent

Grow your existing business with a steady stream of clients by hanging your license with Opendoor Brokerage.

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Tour Assistant

Put your license to work as an Opendoor Brokerage Tour Assistant and get paid for on-demand home tours.

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Learn how to work with us and access resources made just for agents.

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