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Our Pricing

Opendoor gave us market value for our home and all the flexibility and certainty we needed.

Deanne Gosse sold her home to Opendoor

Selling to Opendoor
average service charge*
Traditional home sale
average costs*

Offer price (example)

Selling process

Average days to close transaction

Choose from 14-60 days
50 days

Average days to prep and stage home

0 days
10 days

Average number of showings

0 showings
10 showings
Transaction costs

Average Opendoor service charge


Estimated real estate agent fees


Estimated seller concessions


Estimated home ownership and overlap


Repairs needed to sell home

Estimated cash before closing
* Feb 2020 average service charge paid by customers. Charge varies for each property and can range from 6-14%.
* Cost and selling process estimates are based on internal and industry data for the markets in which Opendoor operates.

What you get with Opendoor

Traditional Home Sale
  • Free offer in just a few clicks
  • Skip the showings
  • No double mortgage or housing overlap
  • Flexible close date
  • Optional late checkout program
Traditional Home Sale
  • Uncertain closing with no guaranteed offer
  • Inconvenient showings and staging
  • Pay rent or mortgage on two properties
  • Unpredictable close date
  • No flexibility on move date

Our service promise

Selling your home can be complicated and unpredictable. At Opendoor we believe it doesn’t have to be. We’ve guided thousands of homeowners through the selling process, making it simple and stress-free.

Our goal is to give you a fair and accurate offer, and we’re always looking for ways to pass savings back to you. If our offer doesn’t work for you, you can cancel your contract with Opendoor at any time with no cost.